One of the most important aspects of Renouveau is to create space to help you reconnect with yourself and return to a place of inner peace and happiness.
This is something we all felt as a child, but lost along the way while trying to keep up with the expectations of this busy, modern world.
At Renouveau all sessions revolve around creating a unique and fully personalised experience in which you can create this space and fully relax and unwind.


Book one of Renouveau’s massages and allow yourself to fully let go, relax and unwind. All our massage therapists are extremely qualified and can help you to move further along in your healing proces.

There will be an intake before every massage to communicate about your preferences and focus areas.


Energy healing helps you restore the balance and flow of energy.
This session will let your nervous system respond by shifting from the
sympathetic nervous system, also known as fight or flight,
into the parasympathetic nervous system, rest and digest.
It also helps you release energetic blockages, heal physical pain from past experiences and reminds your body of its own capacity to self-heal.



All products such as the essential oils that are added to your oil, the blend we add to the diffuser, or the honey in your goodiebag, are 100% organic
and are simple
and transparent when it comes to their ingredients.

The tea you will be taking home with you after your session is from Senza Tea.
A small business that creates high quality and mostly organic tea.

The tea options will be changed every two months.


You’ll be asked to fill out an intake form before every session with which you can fully customize your session.
From the the oil or butter you want to be massaged with, the playlist you want to enjoy,
the tea you want to take home with you to choosing if you want a relaxing head massage or not.

After your session you’ll receive a goodie bag with high quality tea,
and organic cookies.


Wear comfortable clothes
This allows you to stay in a relaxed state after your session.
Eat lightly
It’s preferable to eat at least one hour in advance of your session.
Try to eat something that is easy to digest.
Communicate your needs
Your session is all about making it your own personal and unique experience.
And so it is important to communicate about your preferences.
For example, if  you’re experiencing any energetic blockages that need extra care,  how much pressure you prefer during your massage, if there are any body parts,
or areas you would like to avoid during your session.
Also know that Renouveau is a safe space to talk about personal matters.


Click here to go the ‘book now’ page to make your booking, or use the contact form, send me a whatsapp or call if you have any questions before making a booking.



My name is Jennifer Serrij and I’m the owner and founder of Renouveau.
I’ve always been passionate about improving mental, emotional and physical health through holistic practices and modern healing. After finishing my degree in Sport Massage, I started working at different spa’s and massage practices through which I also gained experience in wellness massages. Additionally, I completed a degree in Aroma Therapy, and started another degree in Energy Healing to continue expand my knowledge to bring overall health and help people reconnect with themselves.


Really, really amazing. Jennifer is incredibly skilled and her technique is simultaneously tender yet affective. She always takes into an account if I have any specific wishes regarding certain areas of my body. I always leave with a relaxed body and mind. I would absolutely recommend booking an appointment!


I had a really good experience. What I loved the most was how personal the intake and session was and how she really focussed on the areas that needed extra attention. And the massage was most of all amazing! Thank you!


One of my teammates recommended me to book an appointment at Renouveau!
I received a warm welcome from Jennifer and she knew exactly which spots needed extra attention. I left feeling fully rested with delicious tea and cookies. Recommended!