Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses essential oils to improve the health of the mind, body and spirit.

It enhances both physical and emotional health.
There are many ways in which you can use essential oils, 
for example, adding them to a diffuser, or to your favorite lotion, 
or add them to a carrier oil like almond, jojoba, or sesame seed oil, to then add this to your bath water!

Essential oils are very potent, so make sure you’re cautious while using them.
Do some research so you have a basic understanding of how to apply essential oils safely,
or send an email to serrij,, 

or use the contact form to get in touch with a certified aromatherapist.


Choose one of many different blends and experience the healing effects
of essential oils.
All blends have a different composition and different  healing effects.
This way you can choose one that really suits your personal needs.
The aromatherapy massage includes an extra long head, hand, and foot massage so you can fully unwind. 

note: this massage is perfomed with light to medium pressure. For a strong massage experience
you may want to consider the pain release massage.


Each essential oil has unique healing effects.
By combining oils you can create a powerful blend based on your own
personal needs. Soon you will be able to buy high-quality blends at Renouveau! 
There will be a wide range of blends to choose from.
Such as, a deep sleep blend, a new moon blend, a happy harmony blend 
and many more.
You can also choose to buy a costumized blend that will be fully based
on your personal needs!

All Renouveau’s blends are made with essential oils from Chi.
For more information, visit their website


You can also choose to buy a costumized blend!
Send an email to with detailed information about your physical, emotional and or mental challenges,
and what healing effect you want the blend to have.

Each blend is handmade at the time you order to ensure a high-quality
and fully costumized blend.
Your costumized recipee will be safed so the blend  can be replicated
at any time. This makes re-ordering easy and convenient.

For more information, visit


Did you buy one of Renouveau’s blend?
Then you can bring your blend to your massage session!
Choose the option ‘I brought my own blend’ on your intake form, 
and your blend will be added to the massage oil.

Do you want to give a gift to someone special?
How about giving a blend?
Give the deep sleep blend to help someone sleep better, 
or, the happy harmony blend to someone who deserves some extra happiness.