Every blend has its own unique composition and effect.
This way you can choose one that suits your personal needs.

There are many ways in which you can use a blend.
But make sure to mix the blend with a base oil/product if you use it in any other way then adding it to a diffuser!

All blends are created with high quality essential oils from chi.


HOW TO     
– choose a blend you like to buy
– send an email to
with the following information;

1.which blend(s) you want to buy and how many
2.if it is a gift or not
3.which address you want me to send it to

I will send a confirmation which includes payment details 

DEEP SLEEP   €29,95,-    
This blend that includes lavender, roman chamomile, and spanish marjoram is the perfect blend to help you sleep better.

This blend that includes pine, rosemary, and lemon helps you feel grounded and creates feelings of clarity. 

This blend that includes ylang ylang, rose and lemon helps you let go of negative emotions while creating feelings of joy and harmony.

BREATHE   €29,95     
This blend that includes eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender creates feelings of clear, easy breathing.