Renouveau helps you to create space to reconnect with yourself in this busy, modern world

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This massage is all about the healing effect
of essential oils!
You will be choosing one of many blends that suit your personal needs to help you balance your emotions and improve general health and well-being.
Your chosen blend will be added to your massage oil and to the diffuser to create an overall aromatherapeutic effect!

This massage is performed with light to medium pressure. 



One of the most important aspects of Renouveau is to create space to help you reconnect with yourself and return to a place of inner peace and happiness.
This is something we all felt as a child, but lost along the way while trying to keep up with the expectations of this busy, modern world.
At Renouveau all sessions revolve around creating a unique and fully personalized experience in which you can create this space and fully relax and unwind


I’ll ask you to fill out an intake form before every session with which you can fully customize your massage.
From the the oil or butter you want to be massaged with, the playlist you want to enjoy during your session, the tea you want to take home with you to choosing if you want a relaxing head massage or not.

After your session you’ll receive a goodie bag with high quality tea, honey and organic cookies.