Renouveau’s massages are not just about helping you relax
while you enjoy one of the playlists and essential oils you chose on your
intake form,  they are about taking away all the external distractions 
to create space to help you turn inwards and connect with yourself on
a deeper level.

After every session there will be a moment of reflection to see what it is you need to move further along in your healing proces. 

Renouveau’s full body massages are all about slowing down, letting go while you fully enjoy one of our organic oils and essential oils. 
This massage is not so much about certain physical complaints
but rather about destressing while you sink into a deep level of relaxation.

This massage is perfomed with light to medium pressure.
For a strong massage experience
you may want to consider the pain release massage.


Could your back, neck and shoulders use some extra attention? 
Then we recommend you to book the back, neck and shoulder massage.
Many of us experience a lot of tension around the shoulders or our lower back due to stress.
During this massage your massage therapist will focus on the parts where you build up stress or negative energy, or parts that are simply overworked and will apply  different techniques to help you release this tension.

This massage is perfomed with light, medium or a stronger amount of pressure. 
For an extra strong amount of pressure you may want to consider
the pain release massage.

Treat your hard working feet with this pampering foot massage and choose
one of Renouveau’s organic essential oils while you lay back and enjoy.
A foot massage is known to be a massage treatment that positively impacts your entire body. It improves your blood circulation, lowers the amount of emotional and physical stress, helps you sleep better and much more.


Would you like full focus on a certain physical complaint
or do you simply want an extra firm massage?
Then we reccomend to book the pain release massage. 

This massage is perfomed with medium to strong pressure.

Choose one of Renouveau’s blends and experience the powerfull healing effects created by the essential oils.
This massage is all about tuning inwards while asking yourself what it is you currently need. Do you need a blend that helps you release anxiety? 
Or maybe one that helps you sleep? Whatever it is ,
we will make sure to help you chose a blend that is aligned with your
personal needs. Extra time will be spended on body parts such as the hands, face and feet to create an ultimate state of relaxation so you can fully experience the effects of the essential oils.
Do you prefer extra attention when it comes to a certain physical complaint? Then you might want to consider the full body, back, neck and shoulder or pain release massage.

This massage is perfomed with light to medium pressure.
For a strong massage experience
you may want to consider the pain release massage.