Meet Jennifer – owner of Renouveau
massage therapist, aromatherapist
and energy healing therapist. 

I’m always as vulnerable and open with my clients as possible so I can connect with them on a deeper level. It is so easy to get caught up in the demanding expectations of this modern, busy world which causes so many people to lose touch with their body and soul until the point they are no
longer self aligned.

My sessions are all about using my intuition to feel what it is someone truly needs, to then combine powerful healing techniques to bring someone back to their essence, to who they truly are.

Meet Desi – Renouveau employee
energy healing therapist

It’s in my nature to want to help others and look for ways to make them feel comfortable.
Starting from a young age I developed an interest in the underlaying layers, hence why I studied clinical and health psychology at the university.
There is always more than meets the eye.

In my sessions you’ll enter a safe space where it’s all about opening up the mental and  physical blockages.
It’s about creating an environment where you can break down walls and be vulnurable to the extend you’re comfortable with.

Meet Genine- Renouveau employee
massage therapist – somatologist –
yogalates teacher

I believe one of the most important things in life is to love and take care of the people, animals and nature around us – to be kind to all living things but also towards ourselves.

I love building relationships with people; being someone they confide in; helping to relieve pain and discomfort in their bodies and ultimately to refuel so their flame doesn’t burn out.

We live in a busy world so in need of peace, so in my sessions will be to recharge, body and soul, and focus your mind on things that are lovely, good and bring peace.


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