Renouveau gift card

The Renouveau gift card is the perfect gift to give someone who could use a moment of relaxation, someone who wants some help with an  emotional and/or physical issue, or to someone who simply deserves a special treat.


You can either buy a specific massage, or simply choose to buy the gift card for a certain amount.

How to order a gift card

Send me an email or whatsapp with the following information

To – the name of the person you want to give the gift card to.
From – the name(s) of who bought the gift card
Value – the specific massage or amount you want to put on the gift card
Note (optional) – a personal note you would like me to write down
Don’t forget to also add the address you want the gift card to be send to.

The gift card will be received within two days, or you can decide to pick it up at Renouveau yourself.

Expiration date

The gift card is valid for an unlimited time.

How to book

Simply book the massage you want through the regular booking system and choose the option
‘’I pay with cash or by card at the salon’’ at the end of your booking process.
Don’t forget to bring your gift card on the day of your massage!